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My Brother was born 5.5 years later and I stayed at Nan Nan’s in the local village Snainton.  A young man called Charles walked me to school as he fancied me.

When my Mother’s bridesmaid had her Daughter she decided to call her Linda as well.

From 1966 to1971 I attended Scalby County Secondary School and was a Monitor. During the time I spent at this School the two Linda’s met a big headed Barsteward which is a polite way who fancied himself called Colin who use to chase me along the path and caught up with me behind the prefabs before the teachers got there. I wonder why he caught me (lol) The teachers went across the field.

The headboy called Shaun when we went to stay at the Youth Hostel Association carried my Suit cases up the many steps to the top of the hill hey he fancied me to (lol).

When I first left School I worked at F.W.Woolworth Ltd.

I became friendly with one of the under Managers which they did not like as their laws stated you were not allowed to go out with them. When we visited the local Y.M.C.A. his flat was across the road and it was a long way to walk to the bus station so he like a gentleman should  and made sure that I got to the bus safely. We got reported that we were seeing each other.  Perhaps there was a lot of jealousy.

I was engaged to a young man called Trevor and I broke his heart as I wanted a Career first.

I decided to go into catering as my parents had a small guest house and I had to serve on the tables and help with the Saturday change over and earn my pocket money. I went and to learnt silver service at The Station Hotel at York. I was supposed to be on the training station for 1 Month and after one week I was given a station of my own which is the one the Managers use for their business. What a frightening thought.

My name is Linda. In early 1998 I had to leave work through illness. I got the chance to go on College courses as a mature student doing computer software.  I did not know how to switch a computer on and finding my way around a keyboard was head banging stuff. I had to learn how to study again. I overcame these hurdles and during the next 4 years I got an Intermediate Diploma and then went on got letters after my name. I was very pleased with myself.

I compiled a cook book on recipes around the world and raised funds for Children in Need and raised over £ 90.

My Father died Ist May 2002  and 8 months later my Mother died 22 nd January 2003.  8 months later 16 th September 2003 I fell ill.

All decorated cards are decorated by myself and all computer cards are designed by myself. I have all so made the 3D Embellishments.

In 2004  I joined a local charity and went on their helpers training. Police checks and everything I am now starting on learning Book Keeping and learning Net Working.

Interests :

Country Music

Mental Health U.K.

Needy Children

Charity Work


Health and Wellness

The letters I have are A.C.I.T.P. My version is Certified Black Hole of Calcutta.  Which is fun and a lot easier to remember.

(Associate Certified Informational Technology Professional)

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