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Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson were on their way to Scotland and decided to camp in the Lake District vicinity during the two day trip needed to arrive on the scene of the recent murder which was the pursued object of their travel.
Having found a perfect spot to set up their tented camp, and having likewise benefited to plenitude from the menu of some local restaurant, they both settled down for the night.
A night of serene quietness and cloudless tranquility descended upon them and was stirred only by the hums and sounds that the Lake District offers to its true connoisseurs.
“Tell me Doctor Watson” inquired Sherlock Holmes at two in the morning, “What do those amazing number of stars we see bring to your mind?”
“Ah! Well it portrays the depth and magnitude of biblical awe inspiring profundity, eternal presence of past and future set into an ever changing constancy, unity and diversity, ….” and so rambled on Doctor Watson in his deep prose for ten long minutes until he was brutally cut short.
“Shut up you imbecile, does it not come to your mind that when we sleep out in a tent and see stars, it’s probably because someone has stolen our tent!”

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