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Game of Golf

Jesus, Moses, and another guy are standing on the tee
of a water hazard. Jesus hits the ball and hooks it
into the water. Next, Moses tees up and also hooks it
into the water. The third guy comes up to the tee and as
he hits a big gust of wind comes up and blows his ball
into the water as well.

All three walk up to the water together, Moses walks
up to the water and strikes it with his sand wedge.The
water parts and he hits it onto the fairway.

Next Jesus walks onto the water, the ball rises to the
top of the water and Jesus pulls out his 5 iron and
hits onto the green.

The third guy just stands there a moment, all of a
sudden a fishereagle dives from the sky grabs the third
guys ball out of the water carries it to the green and
drops it into the hole. Moses turns to Jesus and says
“That’s the last time we play with your dad.

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